Red-winged Blackbird, Pea Island NWR, Outer Banks is a collection of original photos by Fred Hurteau. Presently the identification collection contains over 85 species. All species represented here are frequent or common to North Carolina. Some of the best photos are available in the gallery for licensing as stock photos.

Sora, Bodie Island, Outer Banks

The three menu links labeled -
Songbirds & Garden Birds
Game Birds & Shorebirds
Field & Forest Wildfowl
contain collections of identification photos grouped by species to help amateur bird enthusiasts identify the birds they see at home. This is not an all-inclusive collection, but does contain many birds common to North Carolina and surrounding southeastern states.

Nature Photographer
Fred Hurteau

All photos are copyrighted. The viewable images on this site are cropped, sized, and shown in low resolution version for web use. The identification photos that appear in the three categories "Songbirds & Garden Birds", "Game Birds & Shorebirds" and "Field & Forest Wildfowl" may be used for bona fide educational purposes without fee, subject to the Copyright Notice and Usage Policy. Images from the "stock photo gallery" may not be used or duplicated for any purpose without permission. They are preview examples for the higher resolution digital files available for licensing. Want to try amazing stock photos without any membership? Here are your 3 Free Credits.

Peregrin Falcon, Corolla, Outer Banks
Most of the "Songbirds & Garden Birds" were photographed outside the window at home. Most of the "wildfowl, waterfowl, gamebirds and shorebirds" were photographed around ponds, lakes and along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Some of these photos can also be found on a "sister site" to this one,, along with a great variety of scenic and nature photography. I recently started using drones for my aerial photography.

Please note that I am not a trained authority on birds. I'm presently using four field guides for identification:
   • the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 4th Ed.
   • the National Audubon Society's The Sibley Guide to Birds
   • the Peterson Field Guide Birds of Eastern and Central North America, 5th Ed.
   • the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America

If you find any images you feel are misidentified, I would appreciate hearing about it with an email to: .

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