Copyright and Use Policy

Copyright Notice:

Artwork & graphic designs:
All original artwork and graphic designs on this web site are copyrighted by Fred Hurteau. These original graphics may not be used, reprinted, reproduced, duplicated or copied, in whole or in part, for any purposes, whether free or for hire, without the express written consent of the author.

Unless otherwise credited, the photographs on this web site are from original digital images taken by the author and are copyrighted by Fred Hurteau.

The identification photos that appear in the three categories "Songbirds & Garden Birds", "Game Birds & Shorebirds" and "Field & Forest Wildfowl" may be downloaded by students and teachers in public or private schools for:
  • use as is in student's assignments for school research papers, reports and the like,
  • use as is in teacher's instructional materials, class assignments, media presentations, students handouts and like materials,
subject to these stipulations:
  • the photos may not be altered other than to be resized to fit the medium being used, or to be cropped if necessary
  • the copyright information (© Fred Hurteau, [date], and/or watermark must remain visible and readable in the photo. If the photo is cropped out of necessity so this copyright is removed, the copyright must be added to the material and displayed along with the photo.
  • any usual and customary credits (citing a reference, footnotes, bibliography, etc.) should be given to include "Photo(s) by Fred Hurteau,, used with permission"
  • materials in which these photos are used may not be sold or charged for (including "student fees", "lab fees", "course fees", "material fees" or the like)
Otherwise, these original photos may not be used, reprinted, reproduced, duplicated, copied or resold, in whole or in part, by individuals or other entities for any non-commercial use, or for any commercial purposes, or for hire, or for any form of remuneration or personal monetary gain without the express written consent of the author. To request digital files and permission for private use, publishing and other commercial use, go here. Be specific and clear about your proposed or intended use or application, and which photos (by identification code in the galleries, or by file name and web page URL if from a web page) of interest.

Photos from other sources:
There may be photographs and other materials in the pages of this web site from outside sources, including NASA, NOAA, and the Library of Congress, and are properly credited to the best of our understanding. Please notify us at if you believe any such items are not properly credited. Re-use or publication of such items is governed by the source agency/author of the materials in question. We are not a source for NASA, NOAA or LOC photos or other materials.

Questions may be sent to the author by email at

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